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Meet the Pastor

BibleSandHThe Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy are the Pastor of Christian Science. The main part of all our church services are readings from these two books.

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11th Lecture CTA2

No healing yet? Silence the antichrist!
(February 2015)

The Christian Science Journal contains instructive articles and verified reports of Christian healing, to help you understand the divine Principle, and apply the practice, of Christian Science.



Prayer that is fresh and inspired
(January 19, 2015)

The Christian Science Sentinel's articles, editorials, and firsthand accounts of healing show in practical terms how Christian Science can bring healing to any situation.


Lassen wir uns von Gott zum Fortschritt leiten
(January 2015 - Deutsch)

The Herald of Christian Science shows the universality and majesty of Christian Science through articles and accounts of healing in various languages, from many parts of the world.


Daily Lift

Daily Lift is a free audio series where Christian Science lecturers share brief inspirational thoughts for the day.
By: Jon Benson, CS,
Posted: 23rd January

 Lives Lived

Meet David. When he was 9-years-old, a doctor diagnosed him with scarlet fever, and unfortunately there was no medical solution. The doctor predicted that David would live only a few more days. His mother asked a Christian Science practitioner to pray for him, and within a few weeks David had fully recovered. The same physician pronounced him free of the disease.  


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