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Joint Christian Science Reading Room UK - Registered Charity #1143776

Resources for Churches

Responding to the needs of the Christian Science field in the UK

The Joint Christian Science Reading Room UK is a Journal-listed reading room and we adhere to the reading room guidelines laid out in the Manual of the Mother Church. We are always looking for new ideas about how we can support the branch churches in the UK.
The activities below have grown out of this desire.


Our livestreaming service offers churches, societies, and other organisations the opportunity to broadcast their services, lectures, association meetings, and AGMs to a wider audience.

Branch church websites

We can design and build a custom website for your church, society, or other Christian Science-related organisation or activity.

Reading room display screens

These dynamic, ultra-bright, remotely-managed window unites display slideshows with information about each church, products for sale in the reading room, and inspirational quotes.


Are you a Christian Science branch church or society hoping to reach “Millions of unprejudiced minds — simple seekers for Truth” with your lecture?
The JCSRRUK Livestreaming package might meet your need!

Professional quality

Our livestream tech team will work with the lecturer to produce a professional-grade livestream broadcast, with the best possible audio-visual quality.

Graphic design

Our in-house graphic designer will produce bright, attractive, modern promotional materials to be used to spread the word about your lecture.


Our team will spread the word about the lecture via our website, email newsletter, and social media platforms.

Bespoke slides

A custom slideshow with music will play before and after your lecture, giving details about the church, the speaker, and how to purchase Science and Health.


A professional recording of the lecture will be compiled and edited for use after the live broadcast.


No downloads. No registration. No confusing technology. Lecture attendees simply wait for the broadcast to start on the live video player.

Frequently asked questions

  • UK Online Reading Room livestreaming page at
  • Branch church website (where possible)
  • UK Online Reading Room Facebook page
  • Branch church facebook page (where possible)

Each lecturer has a different amount of time they feel is appropriate for their lecture to be made available online. Some are happy for the recording to remain online indefinitely. Some prefer the video be taken down after a period of several weeks or months.

Attendees can hover their mouse over the live video player to reveal the chat icon in the top right corner. By clicking on this, a chat window appears where they can type their question. Our tech will vet these questions and relay them to the lecturer to answer live.

On social media, viewers can write their questions in the comment section.

All questions are closely monitored by the JCSRRUK team and inappropriate comments are removed immediately.

  1. Contact your lecturer to see if they are open to livestreaming with the JCSRRUK
  2. Fill in the form below so we can set up a Zoom call with our livestream team, your lecture committee, and the lecturer
  3. Once details are decided, our graphic designer will send three designs to the lecture committee for promotional materials
  4. Once a design is chosen, JCSRRUK will promote the lecture on our website, social media, and email newsletter
  5. The branch church or society will distribute information about their lecture in their local community, via postcard, local newspaper/radio, and word of mouth
  6. Our tech team will work with the lecturer and introducer to test and/or record the lecture
  7. The lecture will be livestreamed to the UK Online Reading Room website, the branch church website, and various social media channels
  8. The JCSRRUK team will send an invoice and statistics about the event’s performance to the lecture committee
  9. The recording will remain available on our website and social media for a few months or until the lecturer would like it removed

Online Events – livestream package includes:

  • use of equipment and livestream platforms
  • time testing, recording and editing the livestream broadcast
  • graphic design fee
  • £100 social media promo and paid advertising budget

Total cost *   £1,050 

Note: the £100 social media promo and paid advertising budget can be increased.  Let us know if you would like to increase this budget and expand this way of sharing your lecture

In-Person Events – livestream package includes:

  • all of the above
  • PLUS £500 – for additional equipment; and time for venue set up, break down and providing technical support on the day
  • PLUS any travel and accommodation costs for the technician

Total cost *   £1,550  + travel and accommodation costs for the technician

*All costs are estimates based on the average amount of time needed to produce a livestream lecture. 

Enquire about livestreaming


Are you hoping to invite a wider number of people to your church services and activities?
A fresh new website from the Joint Christian Science Reading Room UK can be a great place to start!

Fresh design

Our fresh, bright, colourful designs are eye-catching and inviting to new-comers.

Relevant content

Our clear layouts make it easier for visitors to your church site to find the information they are looking for.

Bespoke service

We work closely with your branch church to ensure that the finished website best represents your community of Christian healers.


We work hard to keep costs at a minimum, so you can be sure that you are getting the most for your chosen budget.


We take the hassle out of setting up a new website by hosting your church site on our own servers.

Ongoing support

Our team of committed Christian Scientists will metaphysically support the project throughout the process.

Frequently asked questions

  • Hosting on our servers
  • A bespoke web address
  • A unique website created by our in-house designer
  • Training session for church members so they can log in and make changes
  • Regular updates and maintenance throughout the lifetime of the website

Interested in talking to us about a branch church website? These are your next steps:

  • Fill in the form below to register your interest (this does not commit you to a JCSRRUK website)
  • We will set up a Zoom meeting to dicuss your church’s particular website needs
  • Our designer will create a draft homepage
  • A second Zoom meeting will be arranged to discuss feedback on the draft
  • When the church is satisfied with subsequent drafts and gives approval, we will launch the website on our server
  • The church is given the option of training any members who would be involved in making changes to the site
  • The church will be sent a statement of costs

Initial website design and launch – £600

Monthly fee for regular maintenance and updates – £15/month*

Annual option for site-wide refresh – £300**

*we suggest the church arrange a direct debit for this fee
**optional – most sites will only want a refresh/redesign every three years or so

Additional work outside of what is included in this package may incur an extra cost.

Enquire about websites

Reading room display screens

These dynamic, ultra-bright, remotely-managed window unites display slideshows with information about each church, products for sale in the reading room, and inspirational quotes.

Super bright

These ultra-bright, commercial-grade screens are four times brighter than standard domestic televisions, meaning they are easy to ready even in direct sunlight.

24/7 inspiration

These screens enable your church and reading room to share inspiring ideas with passers-by, even when the reading room is closed.

Fresh content

The content is regularly updated, like the Weekly Bible Lesson subjects, and seasonal inspirational quotes. We welcome ideas from church members as well!

Bespoke playlists

The slides are placed in playlists, each containing 10-20 slides. Each slide or animated slide is visible for 10-20 seconds. A playlist may have key slides, like hours and opening times displayed two or three times.


The screens have an automated full electronic power down, which means in the scheduled “off time” it shuts down completely, saving electricity. They also have an advanced internal cooling system, ensuring a long life for your screen.


Two different stand styles and four screen size options means that you can design a bespoke set up for your reading room window specifications.

Frequently asked questions

  • The screen itself and the pole/stand
  • Lifetime subscription to the cloud management software
  • Bespoke slides for your church, including service times, reading room hours, and special event details
  • Regularly-updated Christian Science inspirational and informational slides
  • 43” Screen with chrome pole (floor to ceiling) stand £4128
  • 49” Screen with chrome pole (floor to ceiling) stand £4452
  • 55” Screen with chrome pole (floor to ceiling) stand £5315
  • 65” Screen with chrome pole (floor to ceiling) stand £7170 

The installation cost varies depending on how we connect to your internet router and what work is needed to get electrical points to the right place. It is also important for the Reading Room to have reasonably fast internet connection so we can update the content. Travel costs should also be taken into account. Estimated cost for installation is £700+.

The ongoing cost for content management is £300 per year after the first year. This may be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

This Annual Content Charge includes:
  • Seasonal changes to slide content shared across all Reading Room slides.  Slides include inspirational quotes and content about the books and periodicals available in the Reading Room etc.
  • Personalised slides for your church – sharing service times and Reading Room opening times etc.
  • ‘Upcoming event’ slides for your church – e.g. for Christian Science lectures and Thanksgiving Services. 
  • We can also offer support via zoom to connect your screen to a new router if you have another installed.
This Annual Content Charge does not include: 
  • Additional slides not listed above.  Please do contact us if you would like to know more.
  • Site visits to reconnect your screen to a new router.  For this we charge a reasonable fee for the time involved and to cover travel costs.  

If each screen received entirely unique content the content updates would be many times this cost.  By allowing churches to share some content, we hope to make this an affordable service for all.

Enquire about a display screen