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This is the time to share your thoughts

The comments below are now open as a forum to share any thoughts and inspiration you have working with during the second week of #PrayerWatch2021.

To get the conversation started, Andrew D. Brewis has offered this music video and lyrics “This is the Time to Pray”. Enjoy!


This is the time when the world must pray
To hear the Father’s call,
This is the time to tear down each wall,
And free us, one and all.
This is the time to forget the past,
And find a better way,
This is the time when heart meets heart,
This is the time to pray.


This is the time to be strong and bold,
To fight for what is right,
This is the time for a song of joy
To end the lonely night,
This is the time for clouds of strife
To fade and melt away.
This is the time to pray.


This is the time when the streams of hope
Must overflow the land,
This is the time to put all your faith
Into the Father’s hands,
This is the time to make war and hate
The dreams of yesterday.
This is the time to pray.

*from This is the Time to Pray, a poem by William Aubert Luce

7 thoughts on “Share your thoughts

  1. I think this Prayer Watch is a great idea, bringing Christian Scientists together at a certain time every day to pray. I was listening to the latest Sentinel Watch podcast with Tony Lobl and Anne Melville and it struck me that prayer can be even more effective when it is directed and specific. I therefore wondered whether a topic could be set every week from what is going on in the news or what is uppermost in human consciousness.

  2. I have always found Mrs Eddy’s poem “Mother’s Evening Prayer” helpful on so many fronts. The line “His arm encircles me, and mine and all.” is so applicable for the current situation.

  3. Over the last year or so, I have worked with gratitude on a daily basis – gratitude for the small things. I always remember Marta Greenwood’s talk entitled “Let Gratitude be your Attitude” and I have taken this on board throughout and all our needs have been met and challenges overcome.

  4. I am so grateful for this focussed opportunity to pray for our beautiful country as the various restrictions are lifted to allow more freedom. A continued watch is indeed necessary, both from a practical and spiritual basis.

    While the British Isles move out of lockdown, other countries around the world are fluctuating in their ability to cope. None more so at this time than India, both Europe and some Asian countries are challenged too.

    While thinking and praying about this I felt drawn to the Doxology;

    Be Thou, O God, exalted high;
    And as Thy glory fills the sky,
    So let it be on earth displayed,
    Till Thou art here and now obeyed.

    “So let it be on earth displayed”, God’s glory, Love, my focus for the moment which I wished to share.

  5. Thank you Andrew for your most inspiring and beautiful song and video. What could have been better to introduce a Prayer Watch.
    I have included in my daily prayerful work reading parts of Mrs Eddy’s article “Contagion” from Miscellaneous Writings p228. Particularly the last two paragraphs starting “If only people would believe that good is more contagious than evil, since God is omnipresence. ” and finishing “A calm, Christian state of mind is a better preventative of contagion than a drug, or than any other possible sanative method; and the “perfect love” that “casteth out fear” is a sure defense.

  6. This week’s Bible lesson on Unreality has handled the suggestion of contagion in Section with Jesus touching and healing the leper and in the Textbook citations 24 and 26.
    Cit 24 Truth handles the most malignant contagion with perfect assurance. Cit 26 When the condition is present which you say induces disease, whether it be air exercise, heredity, contagion, or accident, then perform your office as porter and shut out these unhealthy thoughts and fears.

  7. Thanks to everyone for your helpful thoughts here, and for your unseen prayer. It’s definitely a great time to continue to “live above corporeal sense and correct it” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 167:6–7). Our communities deserve our continued spiritual vigilance.

    Thanks to everyone at the UKOCSRR for hosting this conversation.

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