The archives of the Christian Science periodicals, which can be explored at JSH-Online, provide many accounts of Christian Science healing activity during the wartime years. The testimonies given between 1939 and 1945 show how the power of the Christ was employed at home and overseas during times of great danger, fear, and conflict.
Men and women from all walks of life from Great Britain, the United States, Europe, and Asia submitted with gratitude their healing accounts. I would love to share them all with you – here are ten of my favourites:

Concerning Christian Science Wartime and Postwar Activities

From the June 8, 1946 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Six years of war, day and night, over London have made as many changes in the character and thinking of some of us as in the landscape. They have knocked great gaps in the mental structure of mortal mind, destroying forever some of the unsound trusts in personalities and things. But the true structure is becoming more apparent through the teachings of our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.

Since the outbreak of war with…

By Sybil Lyster From the October 5, 1946 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
There were raids and, later, flying bombs, but I can truly say that at no time was I prevented from being at my place at the Reading Room or from doing anything I wished to do, though many a night I held to all I understood of God, using the ninety-first Psalm, “the scientific statement of being” from “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mrs. Eddy (p. 468), and many of her hymns, especially “Mother’s Evening Prayer” (Poems, p. 4), which was always most comforting.

A few days before Great Britain…

By Stanley C. Morgan From the July 6, 1946 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
My wife was privileged to serve as a voluntary air raid warden in London, and my services for the armed forces were accepted. We have both been protected many times when exposed to danger, and are deeply grateful for that protection…. This, I acknowledge with gratitude, is the result of the study and application of Christian Science.

Five years ago, when it was presented…

By Sadie Williams From the March 17, 1945 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
During the heavy London raids all my material possessions were destroyed, and I had to learn the meaning of true substance and home.

Christian Science has enabled…

By Alan W. Thwaites From the January 20, 1945 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
During the recent years of war Christian Science has been particularly helpful. Amid the daily uncertainties and mental strain, and during periods of night bombing, the knowledge divine Science has given me of spiritual reality has been a staff on which to lean.

“The breastplate of righteousness”

[Of Special Interest to Youth] LYMAN S. ABBOTT From the March 17, 1945 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
The soldier carried with him in the breast pocket of his coat some snapshots of his home folks, a paper-covered copy of the service Hymnal, and also a service edition of the Christian Science textbook, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy. The bullet passed through the snapshots, the Hymnal, and part way through the textbook, and then glanced off seriously wounding his right arm. On being sent to a hospital in England, the young man was happy to make the acquaintance of another young man, who was also a Christian Scientist, and who was able to be of much service to him. Naturally, the young soldier felt a great sense of gratitude for his protection from the bullet of the sniper, and also for the spiritual help which his friend could give him.

I am grateful to God for the good that…

By George Nathan Ryder From the May 1945 issue of The Christian Science Journal
During the air raids in this country I rode continually in the heavily bombed areas carrying out my duties. It was remarked that nothing seemed either to blow me off or to stop me from getting through, and I know that this was due only to Christian Science.

I took up the study of Christian Science…

By Harry Chaplin From the May 19, 1945 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
Christian Science has been my daily protection whilst I have been serving in the Royal Air Force. A bomb, which landed fifty yards from a wooden building in which I was occupied, bounced two hundred yards and exploded harmlessly in a field. On one occasion I was instantaneously healed of influenza after I had spoken on the telephone to a Christian Science Officiating Minister to His Majesty’s Forces.

It is with a heart filled with…

By Eugene M. Kozin From the June 16, 1945 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
It has been comforting and cheering to know that wherever one may go, fellow Scientists will always extend a loving hand. I have found this true in England as well as in America, in the churches, Reading Rooms. Rest Rooms, and private homes. The Wartime Ministers and Officiating Ministers have been practitioners and friends wherever I have been.

I have had many proofs of the…

By Patricia Greck Hale From the August 2, 1947 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
We were all lovingly protected, and our baby daughter was born almost painlessly during a heavy air raid over London. The house received a direct hit by a bomb which came through to the top landing. We were requested by the wardens to leave the house within seven minutes and told not to touch the bomb. A Christian Science practitioner was present and a Christian Science nurse in attendance. The bomb was safely removed—we were unaware how or when—and we had soon completely forgotten about it.

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