Early Years
  • 1821

    Bow Farm

    Mary Morse Baker born in Bow, New Hampshire

  • 1833

    Slavery Abolition Act bans slavery throughout the British Empire

  • 1838

    (present day Tilton)

    Joins the Congregational Church in Sanbornton Bridge, New Hampshire

  • 1843

    Major Glover

    Mary Baker marries George Washington Glover, 32, a building contractor, and sails with him to Charleston, South Carolina

  • 1844

    Glovers move to Wilmington, NC. George Washington Glover dies. Mary Glover returns to parents’ home and her first and only child, George W. Glover, is born.

  • 1848

    First Women’s Rights Convention held in Seneca Falls, New York which leads to the battle for suffrage and women’s legal rights.

  • 1851

    Abigail Tilton, Mary’s sister, offers her a home, but as her health worsens her son George is not welcome. Mary writes poem “The Mother at Parting with her Child.”

  • 1853

    Mary Glover

    Mary Glover marries dentist and homeopath Daniel Patterson, hoping to make a home for her son, George, though her debilitating illness continues.

  • 1861-5

    American Civil war

  • 1862

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    Struggling with chronic illness compounded by personal loss, Mary Patterson was preoccupied with questions of health.

  • 1863

    Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation, freeing slaves