Reading Room Display Screens

These dynamic, ultra-bright, remotely-managed window unites display slideshows with information about each church, products for sale in the reading room, and inspirational quotes.
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These ultra-bright, commercial-grade screens are four times brighter than standard domestic televisions, meaning they are easy to ready even in direct sunlight.


These screens enable your church and reading room to share inspiring ideas with passersby, even when the reading room is closed.


The content is regularly updated, like the Weekly Bible Lesson subjects, and seasonal inspirational quotes. We welcome ideas from church members as well!


The slides are placed in playlists, each containing 10-20 slides. Each slide or animated slide is visible for 10-20 seconds. A playlist may have key slides, like hours and opening times displayed two or three times.


The screens have an automated full electronic power down, which means in the scheduled “off time” it shuts down completely, saving electricity. They also have an advanced internal cooling system, ensuring a long life for your screen.


Two different stand styles and four screen size options means that you can design a bespoke set up for your reading room window specifications.



  • The screen itself and the pole/stand
  • Lifetime subscription to the cloud management software
  • Bespoke slides for your church, including service times, reading room hours, and special event details
  • Regularly-updated Christian Science inspirational and informational slides
  • 43” Screen with chrome pole (floor to ceiling) stand £4128
  • 49” Screen with chrome pole (floor to ceiling) stand £4452
  • 55” Screen with chrome pole (floor to ceiling) stand £5315
  • 65” Screen with chrome pole (floor to ceiling) stand £7170 

The installation cost varies depending on how we connect to your internet router and what work is needed to get electrical points to the right place. It is also important for the Reading Room to have reasonably fast internet connection so we can update the content. Travel costs should also be taken into account. Estimated cost for installation is £700+.

The ongoing cost for content management is £250 per year after the first year. This may be reviewed on an ongoing basis, if we are asked to do a lot of regular customised slides specific to your church, we may need to adjust this charge. If this service was provided on an individual basis the content updates would be many times this cost but by allowing churches to share some content, we hope to make this an affordable service for all.


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