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Pamphlet: Faculties Indestructible

Pamphlet: Faculties Indestructible


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This is a reprint of a popular themed collection pamphlet with 4 contemporary testimonies of healing added. It contains clear metaphysics and profound healings that prove this Science.  In addition to the testimonies at the end of the pamphlet, each article includes a healing.

Table of Contents

“Man’s Divine Heritage,” – Olive Henry
“The hearing ear, and the seeing eye,'” – Noel D. Bryan-Jones
“Ready to speak plainly,'” – Edward L. Spencer
“Blessed are your eyes,'” – Hazel Harper Brandner
“Indestructible faculties of Spirit,'” – Helen Truitt
Testimonies of Healing

This pamphlet is designed to fit in a pocket or purse.  Paperback.


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