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CD: Triumph of Good – Audio Edition

CD: Triumph of Good – Audio Edition


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This audio CD’s articles and testimonies of healing demonstrate how good always triumphs when we turn trustingly to God for help.

Recognize the triumphant presence of God even in the midst of the hardest challenges. Like Joseph in the book of Genesis in the Bible, we, too, can rejoice in God’s tender care for each of us during difficult times. Hear five firsthand accounts of how people have triumphed over adversity, relying upon the continual goodness of God, the importance of joy, and the healing effects of prayer. These three articles and two testimonies of healing were previously published in either the Christian Science Sentinel or The Christian Science Journal.


  • “The Truth about Adversity,” by Louise Knight Wheatley Cook
  • “Uninterrupted Continuity of Good,” by Anna E. Herzog
  • “The Fullness of Joy,” by Rosemary C. Cobham
  • Testimony of healing – by Peter J. Henniker-Heaton
  • Testimony of healing – by Lois B. Estey

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