CD: Hymns for Prayer and Reflection by Margaret Dorn


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Simple, beautiful, and thoughtful instrumental piano performances of hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal.
With calm and tender tempos, the beautifully played piano arrangements on this CD truly convey its title – Hymns for Prayer and Reflection. It brings you a rich musical experience with brilliant performances by Margaret Dorn. Produced by Peter Link.

Listen to samples:
Mother’s Evening Prayer (0:30)
Everlasting Arms Of Love (0:30)
Feed My Sheep (0:30)
He Stood Of Old (0:30)
Satisfied (0:30)
Holy Spirit (0:30)
Trust The Eternal (0:30)
Christ My Refuge (0:30)
Grace (0:30)
Like As A Mother/O Master (0:30)
Love (0:30)
In Heavenly Love Abiding (0:30)
Communion Hymn (0:30)
I Look To Thee (0:30)
Dear Lord And Father (0:30)

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  • Length: 15 tracks

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