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CD: He Loves You a Lot (Cherie Brennan)

CD: He Loves You a Lot (Cherie Brennan)


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This vibrant CD from Cherie Brennan features 12 songs written, composed, and performed by Cherie Brennan. The theme that runs throughout is God’s love for each of us, and of the power of His Christ. This album consists of country-music inspired songs.

The professional quality, high energy, and sincere messages will resonate with listeners. Cherie shares with us: “ For those of you who loved the songs on the “You Are Loved” CD, I know you will love these songs as well. In the five years between CD’s, I’ve gone in a little different direction musically. I’m a little more Country now, but the message of God’s great love for us all and the power of His Christ is still the same. We are all on a spiritual journey, whether we know it or not, and clearly, all of these new songs reflect my own spiritual journey. Every song is the outcome of my being healed, protected, comforted, sustained, prodded, lifted up, corrected, filled with hope, and most of all, just feeling God’s great Love when I needed it the most… EVERY DAY.

Listen to samples and purchase the MP3 album at the Download Store.

1. You Lift Me Up
2. I’m Talking Back
3. He Loves You A Lot
4. The Present
5. You Be The Light
6. Heaven
7. I Trust You
8. There Are Days
9. Heal the Heart
10. Mystery
11. Show Me The Chariots
12. Comfort Ye
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