CD: Comfort's Art (Kathy Glover & Char Beck)


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The settings are a mix of traditional and updated settings featuring a variety of instruments including piano, acoustic guitar, electric bass, and cello. Packaged in a digipak with full lyrics included.

Comfort’s Art features vocalists Kathy Glover and Char Beck, whose first album was the popular “Inhabiting Eternity.” “Comfort’s Art” carries twelve tracks of hymns that bring comfort, inspiration, and healing.

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Songs in this album

1.  O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee
2.  Lead Me to the Rock
3.  Whither
4.  The King of Love My Shepherd Is
5.  Feed My Sheep/Feed My Lambs
6.  Christ My Refuge
7.  Abide with Me
8.  Satisfied
9.  Praise Now Creative Mind
10. O Sweet and Tender as the Dawn
11. Comfort’s Art
12. Children’s Prayers

Length: 40:54
Weight: 5 oz.

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