CD: Christian Science Hymnal Supplement (430-462) Piano Accompaniment


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Recording of accompaniment of the 33 hymns played with all verses on piano, occasionally with other instruments (Includes 2 CDs).

The Christian Science Publishing Society is very pleased to present this accompaniment recording for the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement, Hymns 430-462. This completes the musical presentation of all 462 Christian Science hymn tunes. The primary purpose of these recordings is to accompany and support congregational singing in Christian Science church services and Sunday Schools.

All of the hymns are played on the piano, and most have other instruments added—strings, flute, guitar, bass. Five hymns include drums that add emphasis or an international flavour to the rhythms, and two others include flute obbligato lines. Those hymns are presented in two versions: a) with drums or flute; and, b) without drums or flute, so you can choose the version that suits your need or preference. Professional musician, Peter B Allen, plays an introduction, all the verses, and a short coda for each hymn. The musical introduction to each hymn varies. For some introductions, the entire hymn tune is played through, and others are only a verse or two, or a refrain/chorus. Each is clearly noted in the CD booklet. 2-CD set fits in the back of the CD case offered with the Hymnal Accompaniment CD set.

Listen to samples below:
Amazing Grace! how sweet the sound Hymn 431 (0:30)
Blest Christmas morn Hymn 433 (0:30)
Brood o’er us with Thy shelt’ring wing Hymn 434 (0:30)
Here, O God, Thy healing presence Hymn 442 (0:30)
I awake each morn to a brand new day Hymn 445 (0:30)
I will bless the Lord and give Him glory Hymn 446a (0:30)
I will bless the Lord and give Him glory Hymn 446b (0:30)
It matters not what be thy lot Hymn 447 (0:30)

O house of God Hymn 450 (0:30)
Shepard, show me how to go Hymn 456 (0:30)
Though I may speak with moving words Hymn 458 (0:30)
We are walking (Siyahamba) Hymn 460a (0:30)
We are walking (Siyahamba) Hymn 460b (0:30)
We cannot turn away from God Hymn 461 (0:30)

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