Biography: Christian Science and Its Discoverer


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E. Mary Ramsay and her sister were introduced to Christian Science in 1898, and were pivotal to the establishment of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Edinburgh, Scotland. Both sisters spent time with Mary Baker Eddy and corresponded with her often, and for 48 years Ramsay worked as a Christian Science practitioner and teacher. As a way to correct misunderstandings about Christian Science and Mrs. Eddy published in the press, Ramsay wrote this brief and concise biography. Its audience was expected to be confined to the United Kingdom, but over the years the book found its way to South Africa and other areas then part of the British Empire. While not filled with as many details as other biographies, the book provides a quick and easy read for newcomers to Christian Science and for those who simply want a basic overview of Mrs. Eddy’s life.


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