Livestreaming Your Event

Are you a Christian Science branch church or society hoping to reach “Millions of unprejudiced minds — simple seekers for Truth” with your lecture? The JCSRRUK Livestreaming package might meet your need!


Our livestream tech team will work with the lecturer to produce a professional-grade livestream broadcast, with the best possible audio-visual quality.


Our in-house graphic designer will produce bright, attractive, modern promotional materials to be used to spread the word about your lecture.


Our team will spread the word about the lecture via our website, email newsletter, and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).


A custom slideshow with music will play before and after your lecture, giving details about the church, the speaker, and how to purchase Science and Health.


A professional recording of the lecture will be compiled and edited for use after the live broadcast.


No downloads. No registration. No confusing technology. Lecture attendees simply wait for the broadcast to start on the live video player.


Play Video

Breaking News: Freedom Is Ours Now

24 April 2021
Patricia Woodard, CS

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What Easter Means to Me

2 April 2021
Andrew D. Brewis and friends

Play Video

The Law of Love

21 January 2021
Anne Melville, CSB

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A Spiritual Revolution: The Quest to Experience God

7 January 2021
Giulia Nesi Tetreau, CSB


  • UK Online Reading Room livestreaming page at
  • Branch church website (where possible)
  • UK Online Reading Room Facebook page
  • Branch church facebook page (where possible)

Each lecturer has a different amount of time they feel is appropriate for their lecture to be made available online. Some are happy for the recording to remain online indefinitely. Some prefer the video be taken down after a period of several weeks or months.

Attendees can hover their mouse over the live video player to reveal the chat icon in the top right corner. By clicking on this, a chat window appears where they can type their question. Our tech will vet these questions and relay them to the lecturer to answer live.

On social media, viewers can write their questions in the comment section.

All questions are closely monitored by the JCSRRUK team and inappropriate comments are removed immediately.

Online Events – livestream package includes:

  • use of equipment and livestream platforms
  • time testing, recording and editing the livestream broadcast
  • graphic design fee
  • £100 social media promo and paid advertising budget

Total cost *   £1,050 

Note: the £100 social media promo and paid advertising budget can be increased.  Let us know if you would like to increase this budget and expand this way of sharing your lecture

In-Person Events – livestream package includes:

  • all of the above
  • PLUS £500 – for additional equipment; and time for venue set up, break down and providing technical support on the day
  • PLUS any travel and accommodation costs for the technician

Total cost *   £1,550  + travel and accommodation costs for the technician

*All costs are estimates based on the average amount of time needed to produce a livestream lecture. 

  1. Contact your lecturer to see if they are open to livestreaming with the JCSRRUK
  2. Fill in the form below so we can set up a Zoom call with our livestream team, your lecture committee, and the lecturer
  3. Once details are decided, our graphic designer will send three designs to the lecture committee for promotional materials
  4. Once a design is chosen, JCSRRUK will promote the lecture on our website, social media, and email newsletter
  5. The branch church or society will distribute information about their lecture in their local community, via postcard, local newspaper/radio, and word of mouth
  6. Our tech team will work with the lecturer and introducer to test and/or record the lecture
  7. The lecture will be livestreamed to the UK Online Reading Room website, the branch church website, and various social media channels
  8. The JCSRRUK team will send an invoice and statistics about the event’s performance to the lecture committee
  9. The recording will remain available on our website and social media for a few months or until the lecturer would like it removed


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