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What is the role of a Christian Science Nurse?

Christian Science nurses are available to help anyone relying on Christian Science for healing. They help individuals who need skillful physical assistance while relying on Christian Science treatment for healing.
A Christian Science nurse is love in action, though to some, “Christian Science” and “nurse” might sound like two contradictory terms, and yet to nurse someone means to nurture and tend to, to comfort . . . to love.

What is a Christian Science nurse not?

They don’t make a medical diagnosis or offer a prognosis, and they don’t administer drugs, use medically oriented techniques, or alternative medicine such as vitamins, herbal remedies, etc. In other words, they fully support what Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health: “Our system of Mind-healing rests on the apprehension of the nature and essence of all being,—on the divine Mind and Love’s essential qualities. Its pharmacy is moral, and its medicine is intellectual and spiritual, though used for physical healing” (p. 460).

Charton Manor, Kent, UK

Charton manorCharton Manor provides 24 hour short-term Christian Science nursing care and assisted living accommodation to men and women aged 18 and over, who have chosen to rely solely upon the Bible-based method of spiritual healing, Christian Science. For more information -  Visit their website

Le Verger, Rolle, Switzerland

LeVergerLe Verger is a Christian Science nursing facility situated in Rolle, Switzerland. It offers its guests a calm and welcoming place where they find an atmosphere conducive to the study of Christian Science. Christian Science nurses are available round the clock for those who need practical assistance.
For more information -  Visit their website

Springfield House, Llanvair Discoed, UK

SpringfieldWhitehaven Trust provides in-house Christian Science nursing care for those who radically rely on Christian Science for healing. The Trust also maintains a Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service, enabling patients to receive practical care and support in their own homes. For more information - Visit their website

Lime Tree House, Cheshire, UK

Lime treeLime Tree House is a Christian Science nursing facility in a suburbs of Manchester, North West England. It provides 24-hour Christian Science nursing care in a small homely environment, under the direct supervision of Journal-listed Christian Science nurses. Lime Tree House also provides out-patient care and Rest & Study facilities. For more information -  Visit their website