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Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered & founded Christian Science in 1866, defined it as “the law of God, the law of good...” (Rudimental Divine Science). This deeper understanding of God as infinite Love & unchanging goodness leads to prayer that can heal, redeem, & restore anyone. Christian Science is a world-wide movement with Churches in over 50 countries.

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The Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures serve as our only “pastor”. Individuals study these texts for healing solutions and guidance and will also listen to readings from them at Christian Science services and meetings.

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More than one hundred and fifty years ago, Mary Baker Eddy discovered Christian Science, and devoted the rest of her life to healing and teaching others how to heal through the application of spiritual principles derived from the Bible. Find out more about her life, writings, and the worldwide and enduring movement she founded.

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The UK Online Reading Room has a variety of resources for finding out more about Christian Science and supporting your spiritual journey, including live-stream and recorded talks on spirituality, God, prayer and healing. Click here to watch. Also visit our shop for study materials.

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Find spiritual solutions at your nearest Christian Science Church/Society or Reading Room. You can click on one of the map icons or type your local city or town in the Search Box to zoom in to your area, You can switch between churches and reading rooms once their details appear.



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