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What is the Christian Science Bible Lesson?

Each week Christian Scientists study a different Bible lesson subject, which is made up of correlated passages from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. The passages are organized to show that issues people are confronting every day, whether it be health-related, financial or relationships, are addressed and healed by the laws of God illustrated in the Bible.

The Bible Lesson and church services

The Bible Lesson studied each week is then read as the sermon within Christian Science churches worldwide on the following Sunday. This collective listening and consecration of thought creates a loving, healing atmosphere within a service, which propels both individual and collective growth within church communities.

This Bible Lesson is also used as a focus within Sunday School classes, as young people are encouraged to read and start applying spiritual laws in their own lives in order to feel the benefit of God’s allness too.


Where do I find the Bible Lesson?

The Bible Lesson can be accessed weekly either through purchasing or subscribing to the Christian Science Quarterly, or it can be accessed online through the ebiblelesson. Here the lesson can be downloaded to a mobile device, as a document, as an audio file, or listened to direct online. For young people and youthful thinkers, there is also mybiblelesson. This is a print-out version of the weekly lesson which includes helpful notes, information and animations that help in understanding some of the language and the healing messages given in the lesson sermon.