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Live Streamed Lectures

Watch live streamed talks here on healing, spiritual freedom and how turning to God, you can make a positive change in your life. Find out more information about these live broadcasted talks below. You can also re-watch previous talks on our YouTube channel which are available to watch for a couple of months afterwards.

Take Hold of your Divine Freedom
with Heike Arneth, CSB
REWATCH HERE: Recorded Live on Sunday 13th May 2018

"I see the many tough situations that people and nations are faced with. Christian Science can help with all of these: and yet it is not just a system of healing and problem-solving. It is much more than this. Among other things, it explains the spiritual principles that are the basis of all being."

Heike is from Munich, Germany, and has been a Christian Science practitioner for over 12 years. She was first introduced to Christian Science as a teenager, and got to know people who had made it their life's purpose to heal in the same way that Jesus Christ did. She witnessed first-hand a wonderful healing through Christian Science. This kindled a desire in her to become a Christian Science practitioner herself some day.

Watch to hear more about the divine practical principles of Christian Science.

You can find more information about Heike and her Christian Science healing practice here:
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