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Christian Science Blogs

Here you can find current blogs written by a variety of published and online writers, who are Christian Science Practitioners, Christian Science Teachers and/or media and legislative advocates for Christian Science in their own regions. They write regularly on issues and trends in health care, with a particular focus on the positive impact of spirituality and prayer on a person's well-being. They all have many years of experiencing the power of prayer in their own and other’s daily lives. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out a little more about each writer, or visit their blogs by clicking on top of the individual feeds. 

About the bloggers

Tony Lobl: Tony is a Christian Science Practitioner who regularly writes on the connection between health and spirituality in blogs for the Huffington Post UK and and in pieces published by the Independent, the Washington Post, MindBodyGreen and other publications.

Evan Mehlenbacher: Evan is a Christian Science Practitioner, Teacher, and Lecturer. He writes almost daily on his blog SpiritView about looking at life and the universe from a spiritual point of view.

Michelle Nanouche: Michelle is a Christian Science Practitioner, Teacher and Lecturer, who’s been helping people find solutions through prayer for business, relational, physical, financial, mental, emotional, family problems, and more, for over 25 years. Her regular blogs brings many inspiration.

Ingrid Peschke: Ingrid is a Christian Science Practitioner and also a legislative advocate for spiritual healing in Massachusetts. Her blogs are featured in print and online for various newspapers.